I'm really pissed. I can't believe I went against of what I believe. I think this is a bittersweer situation. Whatever though. It's time for me to stand up for myself. it's over. I am not gonna stay quiet when I dont like something. So do not be surprised when I tell you off, allright? I don't owe anything to anybody. YOU owe me!
That's it. I am DONE! No More "Nice Stef."

I try so hard/And got so far/But in th end/It doesn't even matter


OOHHHH!! SUNDAY!! =P We are gonna have a blast at B&B's house! The WORK IT crew will finally reunite after almost three months. PINKY POWER IN FULL EFFECT! ^_^ YEAH BABY!!
I had a test today on my American Government class. I totally bullshited it. I think i am not going to get a grade, I'm just gonna get a "BULLSHIT" across it!

You find yourself falling down/Your hopes in the sky/But your heart like grape gum on the ground/And you try to find yourself/In the abstraction of religion/And cruelty of everyone else/And you wake up to realize/Your standard of living somehow got stuck on survive// When you standing in deep water/And your bailing yourself out with a straw/And when you are drowning in deep water/And you wake up making love to the wall/Well it's these little times that help to remind/It's nothing without love//You wake up to realize your only friend/Has never been yourself or anyone who cared in the end/That's when suddenly everything fades or falls away/'Cause the chains which once held us are only the chains which we've made


Last night, My friends Lisa, Nathan, and I helped my friend Melissa make a video for her music class. We had so much fun! =D We went to Domino's pizza, stop n' shop and Dunkin Donuts. People kept staring at us! HAHAHA! We even got these couple to dance with us! HAHAHA. It was so much fun. I also stole one of the "Vote" signs. LOL. Today, I went to DY to see the premiere of the movie.It was a total SUCCESS. I also saw my old teachers. it was cool. I HAD a lot of fun! XP.
Things are getting better, but I'm still kinda not sure. Whatever. Time will let me now. ^_~

By the way, If you wanna listen to a good song, download "in your eyes" and "more more more" by Kylie Minogue! Trust me, they are the SHIT! ^_^

"Give it up/give it up/I just can't get it enough/ MORE MORE MORE"


Today, at like around 2:00 am, I went to the beach with my friend Lisa. We drank coffee and sang oldies . We had a good time looking at the stars. It is such a beutiful place to go with someone you love. It is the most romantic place there is. I wish I could show someone this place. Anyways, it was a nice time. We definitely agree that guys suck, but there is nothing we can do to keep ourselves from thinking about them. It was a nice night. It made me think about a lot of things. I feel better now. =P


Why the hell am I crying? I'm so fucking confused. What is it that you are doing to me? O_o I hate not being able to open up and let you know how I really feel. I'm so scared. I HATE being like this. I really do. You need to tell me. You need to let me know what is it that you want. I think I just made it pretty clear to you what i want.
By the way, the date on my blog is DD.MM.YY. Hope you don't get confused! =P
Lately I have been really depressed and sad. I don't really know what is wrong with me. Maybe I do, but I don't want to believe that what I think is up, is really the reason why I have been feeling like this. I'm really confused. Today I was thinking about how my life has been the same practically since forever! At this point, I really do not know what to think about myself. Basically, I know what I want, and what I need; I want and need YOU. But , I don't know if you want the same thing. I don't even know who you are anymore, to tell you the truth. All I know is that you are the one who makes me feel this way. You are the one who has made a complete mess out of my feelings. Please, help me understand myself. You know exactly what I mean. I know you do.